The Homeowner’s Guide to Understanding Warranties

Unlike other trade sectors, the roofing industry has no official governing agency, only general guidelines which contractors are encouraged to follow. This lack of regulation can cause disputes between homeowners and contractors when shingles don’t last as long as the promised lifetime guarantee on the product. When shingles fail prematurely consumers turn to the contractor. Even the best products won’t last if they are not installed properly. Issues can also arise when a customer was not presented with sufficient information about the job.

At Keating Roofing & Exterior Contractors we believe it is very important for homeowners to fully understand roofing warranties, both the role of their contractor and that of the manufacturer. The best way to do this is in a Thoroughly written job agreement entered into prior to any work commencing. This will make the expectations for both parties clear from the onset.

There are two types of roofing warranties – manufacturer and contractor (labour). Contractor warranties should be described in depth in the written job agreement and include information such as products to be used, work start and completion times, work site appearance, property damage or personal injury insurance, license, code and permit requirements, price, payment terms and conditions and change order procedures. Manufacturer warranties are set in stone and therefore it is the responsibility of both the contractor and the homeowner to read and understand all terms and conditions. A shingle warranty will generally address finished job appearance, correct methods of installation, finished system performance and warranty transferability.

The Toronto Roofing professionals at Keating Roofing & Exterior Contractors will take the time to give you honest and comprehensive information, not just a quick cost estimate. We make several visits to assess a home and when all pertinent information is collected, we bring you back a detailed proposal so you are fully knowledgeable before entering into an agreement with us. At Keating Roofing & Exterior Contractors we pride ourselves as much on our attention to personal care as we do to the exemplary skills we bring to the job.

For more information about roofing warranties, or any other residential or commercial Toronto roofing needs, call Keating Roofing & Exterior Contractors today at 905-270-4100.

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