Customer Satisfaction

“From the time I signed the contract to the time of final payment, your team exemplified what it is to be part of a team. No task was too small for any member of the team to do. It is for this reason I have total faith in the work done and there was a lot of work to be done with a lot of twists and turns. Even with all the custom work done, everything met expectations from the outset, and promises made were kept. It’s still amazing that no greenery between homes were harmed. This truly was impressive that your team worked so well and took so much time to set up to save all the plants. Thank you so much for your efforts. To the team, Jonathan, Justin, Jamie, Lance, Victor, Dave, Andrew, I know I’m missing a name, sorry.
You guys were great!

Thanks Again.

Mark Z”

Good Advice & Fair Prices

“Having a roof replaced, especially if it is flat, makes me nervous. There are too many bad stories. The Keatings are a family business introduced to us by someone in the know. Their advice was good, the price was fair and the work was excellent and completed on time. On top of that, they are nice people.”

H. Schipper BASc(Eng),MD,FRCP(C) Minden Schipper & Associates Inc.

Expertise & Professionalism

“In late 2004, it was clear my house needed a new roof. I wasn’t sure who to get to do the job, so I turned for a recommendation to an engineer whom I’ve known for several years and who is very knowledgeable about construction matters.

On something like a roof, nobody should take chances. He highly recommended Keating Roofing Contractors. That would have been ordinarily good enough for me, but, being cautious, I solicited a quote from another well-known roofer.

I found Mr. Keating’s quote to be fair and reasonable, but, more importantly, I found that his expertise far exceeded that of the other roofer. He was quick to inspect the roof, and the timeliness with which he provided the quote, coupled with the time he took to discuss what I wanted, further indicated his professionalism.

The job was completed on time and on budget. Not only was the work excellent, but the clean-up of the job site was such that it was impossible to tell that any work had been done. In other words, everything went off like clockwork. What more can anyone ask for? I highly recommend Mr. Keating’s company.”

Simon B.A LL.B St. Paul Guarantee Insurance Company Assistant Vice President, Financial and Professional Services Claims

Competitive Prices & Professionalism

“Keating Roofing Contractors put a new roof on my house at a very competitive price. They re-shingled my home on time and in a professional manner. I have recommended Keating Roofing Contractors to both my friends and neighbors.”

Alan Waffle Manager, Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy EPB-OR Integrated Programs Division


“You only discover roofing problems when the weather is terrible. That’s when you appreciate that KeatingRoofing Contractors are available to respond quickly, day or night, and despite the weather. Good, dependable roofing in all seasons has earned Keating Roofing Contractors our recommendation.”

Charlotte & Wallace Sherriff

Fair Prices & Good Warranties

“Keating Roofing Contractors are 5 star roofers. When they do a roof flat or sloped it is done to the building code. Their prices are fair, they warrant their work and leave the place spotless on completion. When you hire Keating’s, you will know up front, the scope of work to be done and the cost. As a Property Manager I can not afford to recommend anything but the best.”

James Smith

A Family Business of Skilled Professionals

Keating Roofing Contractors, are a family business par excellence. They are skilled professionals who take pride in their work. They have done many roofs for me, sloped and flat. Their prices are fair and the work is well done. As a Property Manager my own reputation is at stake and they have never let me down.

Thanks Keatings for every thing.”

Peter J. Caddick

Personal Attention

“It has been my pleasure to deal with Bill Keating and his roofing business for several years. I have not only used his services personally but have also suggested him to friends and neighbours for their roofing needs.

In 1994 Bill replaced the roof on my parish church, which his father had done about 20 years earlier. You can count on Bill to give each project his personal attention and ensure that his workers complete the job promptly in a professional manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend Keating Roofing Contractors.”

John W. Damery, Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public

Excellent Workmanship, Courtesy, Professionalism

“Dear Mr. Keating,

I can highly recommend your firm to anyone looking for quality roofing work. We have engaged your firm to repair or replace sloped and flat roofs, asphalt and slate. We have always found the workmanship to be excellent and your employees polite, professional and courteous. Job sites were left in a clean condition.

Initially, you assisted us by troubleshooting the work of others. As property managers, we understand the value of having roofing work done right the first time. I am pleased that Keating Roofing Contractors. Ltd has earned our trust.”


George Macri
Cordone Investments Limited

Knowledgeable, Hones, & Quality Workmanship

“As a General Contractor, we require the expertise from our trades people and standards that will always deliver the quality product to our own clientele base. For over 10 years, Keating Roofing Contractors Ltd. have serviced our roofing projects with knowledge, honesty, integrity and quality workmanship that sets the standard for all other roofing companies.”

Joe Colosimo, Colfan Corporation

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