Keating Contracting is your best choice in the Greater Toronto area for residential and commercial siding installation. There are many benefits to adding siding to your home or business including maximizing curb appeal, increasing resale value, preventing air infiltration and protecting the structure from harsh weather elements.

Vinyl siding is Canada’s most popular choice in exterior cladding and was introduced to replace aluminum siding in the 1950s. It requires little to no maintenance and is the most affordable siding material. Steel siding is a durable but more expensive option. Both vinyl siding and steel siding are easy to clean with an eco friendly detergent and water.

At Keating Contracting we work with reputable manufacturers such as Certainteed, Gentek, Kaycan, Mitten, Royal, Vicwest and Ideal to offer you the widest selection in siding styles and colours options.

If you are going to be replacing your roofing system, it is the ideal time to also look at replacing your siding. For all your Toronto roofing and siding needs, call the Toronto Roofing professionals at Keating Contracting today at 905-270-4100 or fill out our online estimate form.

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