Your roof has the tough task of protecting your biggest investment – your home. It has to stand up to the intense weather conditions each season brings in order to keep everyone and everything inside safe and in good condition.

At Keating Contracting, our skilled professionals are committed to providing our Toronto area customers the highest level of personal and honest service complemented with top quality workmanship and products. We are proud to consistently be asked to come back and do additional work on homes due to the trust we have earned during the first job. Our dedication to achieving optimum customer satisfaction has made us become a leading force in the Toronto roofing industry for over 50 years. We truly do believe that building relationships with our customers – who in turn become our friends – is key to success!

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Flat Roofs

Keating Contracting offers a number of Toronto roofing alternatives including flat roofs. We generally focus on two types of flat roofing: modified bitumen and tar…

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Sloped/Shingle Roofs

If you have made the decision to replace your roof but aren’t sure where to start or have had a roof replaced before but are not up to date on the latest products and procedures, Keating…

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Metal Roofing

Through the years, metal roofing has predominantly been associated with farm style buildings. However as metal roofing has become more aesthetically appealing and…

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Chimney Services

If you have a chimney in your home it is important to keep it well functioning to achieve maximum efficiency of your wood burning stove or gas fireplace as well as to defend against…

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Attic & Roof Insulation

There are a lot of expenses involved with owning a home. Most of us are eager to find ways to lower the costs of these skyrocketing prices. The one greatest money saving change…

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When you think about roofing, ventilation may not be one of the first things that comes to mind, however proper ventilation is essential to prolonging the life of your roof…

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Emergency Repairs

Unforeseen emergencies. They happen to us all and when they do we often don’t know where to turn for help. When you experience a roofing emergency, the Toronto Roofing professionals…

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Top Posts

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Algae Removal

Algae discolors a roof by giving it a brown to black appearance and is particularly unsightly on a white or light-colored roof...

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