For more than 50 years roofing has been a way of the life for the Keating family. William Thomas Keating Sr. began his career in the Toronto roofing industry in 1963 and his son William (Bill) Jr. joined him a decade later. William Sr. passed away in 1979 and Bill carried on the tradition, evolving with the changing industry.

A third generation of Keatings, Bill’s sons Jonathan and Justin, began working in the shop during school breaks and soon developed their own passion for the family business. In 1997, Bill, Jonathan and Justin established Keating Contracting, attaching their name to the company that would stand for the highest level of integrity and workmanship.

Today, Keating Contracting has grown to consist of 25 full time employees but still maintains the tight knit family atmosphere that has always been so important to Bill, Jonathan and Justin. Consultants are committed to continuous education and up-to-date industry know how in order to surpass Toronto roofing standards and always stay a step ahead of the competition.

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Algae Removal

Algae discolors a roof by giving it a brown to black appearance and is particularly unsightly on a white or light-colored roof...

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