There are a lot of expenses involved with owning a home. Most of us are eager to find ways to lower the costs of these skyrocketing prices. The one greatest money saving change you can make to your home is proper insulation.

The majority of your heating and cooling escapes through poor insulation in the ceiling and attic. Simply upgrading the insulation in these areas will allow you to live in added comfort as well as reduce your energy bills by up to 30%. It is not always necessary to remove existing insulation when adding new. The insulation professionals at Keating Contracting will inspect your space and advise the best insulation solution for you.

The most common types of insulation used today are fibreglass blown-in or batt, cellulose, spray foam, roxul batt and rigid foam. Fibreglass insulation, made primarily from sand, is the most popular choice, making up about 70% of the market. Since sand is a non-combustible material, glass fibres in the insulation will not burn and do not require the use of fire retardant chemicals. Another great benefit to fibreglass insulation is that it does not absorb moisture so droplets lie on the surface instead of seeping inside and damaging the insulation. Moisture eventually evaporates or drains off and the fiberglass insulation does not suffer any permanent R-value loss.

Cellulose insulation is made of very flammable shredded newspapers. As such it must be treated with fire retardant chemicals in order to achieve fire safety standards. However a recent study by the California Bureau of Home Furnishings has shown that fire retardant chemicals can actually disappear from insulation as much as 28% within two years of installation.

Properly insulating your home will help you live in a more comfortable environment, protect your home from damage caused by moisture and save you money. There are a number of options available and it is important to choose one that is safe and compatible to your specific needs. Let the insulation experts at Keating Contracting get your home insulated the right way today by calling 905-270-4100 or fill out our online estimate form.

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