Cultured Stone

Due to its beauty and durability, natural stone is one of the few things from early history to remain popular today. In the building industry however, its heavy weight, high costs and…

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Stucco may be used to cover less visually appealing construction materials such as metal, concrete, cinder block, or clay brick and adobe…

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Keating Contracting is your best choice in the Greater Toronto area for residential and commercial siding installation. There are many benefits to adding siding to…

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Your eavestroughs and drainage system play an important role in the overall appearance and longevity of your Toronto roofing system. It is imperative to take the time to clear out…

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Attic & Roof Insulation

There are a lot of expenses involved with owning a home. Most of us are eager to find ways to lower the costs of these skyrocketing prices. The one greatest money saving change…

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When you think about roofing, ventilation may not be one of the first things that comes to mind, however proper ventilation is essential to prolonging the life of your roof…

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Chimney Services

If you have a chimney in your home it is important to keep it well functioning to achieve maximum efficiency of your wood burning stove or gas fireplace as well as to defend against…

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Algae Removal

Algae discolors a roof by giving it a brown to black appearance and is particularly unsightly on a white or light-colored roof...

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