Unforeseen emergencies. They happen to us all and when they do we often don’t know where to turn for help. When you experience a roofing emergency, the Toronto Roofing professionals at Keating Contracting are ready to rectify it before it leads to more extensive problems such as water infiltration, mold and interior damage.

The most common reasons for emergency Toronto Roofing repairs are damage from animals, trees and vines, weather elements such as high winds & rain, heavy snow, blocked drainage systems, ice damming from heat loss in your attic and premature aging. The Common areas Toronto Roofing repairs are usually needed are Soil pipes, vents, valleys, drains, skylights and slope transitions.

Often times an emergency roofing repair needs to only be done on a small area of your roof allowing you to postpone the high cost of completely replacing.

If your roof has been severely damaged from the exterior elements, Keating Contracting will work with your insurance company to ensure your best interests are protected.

Having frequent roofing inspections can help minimize emergencies from arising or identify the need for roof replacement allowing you time to plan and budget effectively.

Call Keating Contracting today at 905-270-4100 or fill out our online estimate form to book a Toronto roofing inspection or for all your emergency roofing repairs.

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