Carpentry is the cutting, shaping and installation of wood building materials during building construction. There are times when installing a new roof can turn into a more complex structural rebuild and skilled professionals in other building trades, such as carpentry, are needed.

Toronto roofing leaders, Keating Contracting, have full time, qualified in-house carpenters who deal with any planned or unplanned structural defects that are discovered. This ensures there are no unnecessary delays in your roofing project.

The experienced rough and finished carpenters at Keating Contracting provide a turnkey solution in many aspects of our company. They are responsible for our window and door installations, skylight framing and finishing, decks & railings, privacy fences between flat roofs of semi detached homes, crown and dental mouldings, facade facelifts and of course roof deflection and restoration.

Call Keating Contracting today at 905-270-4100 or fill out our online request form for all your Toronto roofing or custom carpentry related needs.

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