Due to its beauty and durability, natural stone is one of the few things from early history to remain popular today. In the building industry however, its heavy weight, high costs and limited choices in style, make natural stone limited to just the actual main structures.

In 1962, wanting to make stone a more feasible design choice, brothers Garrett and Floyd Brown from Vallejo, California, developed and manufactured stone veneer (cultured stone). Stone veneer, made of lightweight aggregate materials (about one-quarter the weight of natural stone), offered the beloved, traditional look of natural stone but with endless possibilities that natural stone could not offer. As more products became available at affordable prices, cultured stone was soon in high demand throughout North America.

Cultured stone adheres to many surfaces such as brick, timber and glass, making it a great way to add character indoors and outdoors to fireplaces, water features, wine cellars and more. There are many colours, sizes and shapes to choose from allowing homeowners to create something unique to their personal space and tastes.

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